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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

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2. Registration

2.1 To register on the acpavingco site you must be over eighteen years of age.

2.2 You must ensure that the details provided by you on registration or at any other time are correct and complete.

3. Password and security

3.1 When you register to use the acpavingco site you will be asked to create a password. You should keep this password confidential and not disclose it or share it with anyone. You will be responsible for all activities and orders that occur or are submitted under your password. If you know or suspect that someone else knows your password you should notify us by contacting customer services immediately.

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4. Area Coverage

4.1 Area coverage of paving in packs is approximate and allows for jointing.

The calculator for the area coverage of decorative aggregates is an approximate guide and is based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • How level the base is
  • What the area is to be used for
  • The type of aggregate to be used.

5. Calibrated Paving

5.1 Calibrated paving has a tolerance in thickness of + / - 10%

6. Aggregate weights

6.1 All weights of decorative aggregates are approximate as they depend upon the moisture content at the time of filling.

6.2 Minimum weight is 850kg.

7. Aggregate Colour

7.1 Decorative aggregates are a natural product and colours may vary from batch to batch

8. Order Change/Cancellation

8.1 If an order is placed but not yet delivered / collected and has been packed ready for dispatch, and you require a change or to cancel the order, we will endeavour to do this but any costs this may involve such as unpacking and repacking will be charged as extra work done. If the order is already being transported or loaded, return haulage costs will also be applied.


9. Liability

9.1 If any of the goods delivered to you are not what you ordered, are damaged or of incorrect quantity, you are required to notify us in writing within 3 days of delivery of these goods. Notification after this period will incur no liability whatsoever on behalf of our company.

9.2 Similarly, if you have not received the goods ordered by you within 14 days of the date of your order, we will have no liability whatsoever unless notified in writing within 10 days following this 14 day period.

9.3 Our only liability to you in the above situations will be to issue a part or full refund, or replacement of the goods in question.

9.4 Although we only use exporters that are registered ISO 9001 (Quality Standard), and do our utmost to deliver your goods in perfect condition, at the lowest possible price, please note that it is not possible for any supplier to ship stone from overseas to your door without some of the stone getting some scuff/scratch marks or small chips to the edges. To enable us to supply the products at the lowest possible price, we will not be held responsible for every small imperfection.

9.5 In the event of badly damaged or faulty goods, we must be notified within 3 days of the delivery. Where there may be a small number damaged in the crate, We will be happy to refund value of broken paving (above 5%). If you require replacements, please return to our depot. Alternatively, we can supply replacement at cost of shipping. (Requires photographic evidence and proof of purchase). 

9.6 AC Pavings Co Ltd will not be liable to you for any loss, damage or expenses, either indirect or consequential, resulting out of the above situations or from the use of products purchased by us.

9.7 When an order is taken and paid for the company will pack and get it ready for dispatch usually within 7 days. If you require to change or cancel your order with us it may be subject to the costs of work already done, such as packing and transport arrangements. We will not accept cancellation of any orders after a period of 28 days from receiving the payment for that order.

9.8 Sizes stated are subject to variations in the manufacturing processes are nominal and for guidance only. Some of the smaller sizes are slightly less than stated to allow for pointing.