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Slate Chippings

Slate chippings are available in 3 stunning colours, Plum Slate, Green Slate, and Graphite slate.  The chippings have large chunky pieces of slate that look beautiful, and add colour to all gardens.

Each bulk bag of slates, in green, plum, or graphite come with a free roll of best quality membrane to put underneath the chippings, and our gravel calculator can help you work out the quantity of aggregates you require.

Our garden slates are delivered to you in bulk bags with hiab offloading to help you put the bag where you want it.

Plum Slate  Green Slate  Graphite Slate

York Gold  Chiltern White Gold  Red Granite  Green Granite  Lincolnshire Cobbles  Beach Shingle  Cotswold Buff

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Cornish Plum Slate Chippings 40mm
Aesthetically pleasing, Plum slate chippings can help to provide a low maintenance garden with a high quality feel. This provides the benefits of less hard work and more spare time to relax and enjoy the environment you have created. The ..
Excl VAT : £80.00
Based on 12 reviews.
Cumbrian Graphite Slate Chippings 40mm
New for 2016, our Cumbrian graphite slate chippings are perfect for paths, borders and driveways, and also look good with any surrounding features to enhance all gardens. Sized at 40mm down, these beautiful slate pieces create a contemporary look ..
Excl VAT : £70.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Welsh Green Slate Chippings (40mm)
These decorative slate chippings look great on driveways, garden borders or around the edge of a house. Low levels of maintenance and smooth surfaces for walking mean that they are an excellent substitute when you've finally had enough of mowi..
Excl VAT : £75.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Groundtex Weed Control Fabric
Groundtex is a woven geotextile fabric manufactured from 100% polypropylene which is UV stabilised, meaning it can be used above ground to suppress weeds or between beds without further protection. Due to its excellent strength and tear resistance..
£13.99 £6.99
Excl VAT : £5.83