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Porcelain Vitrified Paving Walnut

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Full Pack 23.04 sqm £995.00
Single 40x120x2cm £28.80

Porcelain Paving Walnut is virtually indistinguishable from natural wood, with the colour, texture and feel of real walnut wood. This exceptionally high quality porcelain is made in Italy, fired at 1400 ºC, then rectified with a size of 120cm long giving a more authentic look of timber planking than some shorter versions,  and is the best quality available in the world today.

Benefits of porcelain paving include high resistance to:

*Frost and extremely cold weather.

*UV Light - Fade resistant, the colour is locked in for many years to come.

*Ultra low water absorption - So does not soak in spillages, dirt, or moisture, preventing moss, algae, and stains forming on the surface.

*Requires no additional treatments such as sealants etc.

*Withstands high breaking loads, over 1000kg per slab.

*Non Slip and does not shrink, warp or rot.

*Very easy to clean.

*Made in Italy the home of porcelain, and to all EU safety and product standards.

Available in Packs of 48 - £995 Including Vat . The lowest price in the UK - Guaranteed.

Singles 40x120x2cm - £28.80

Free Delivery available* with Hiab offload up to 40 mile radius.

Thickness: 20mm calibrated & rectified

All prices include Vat

Can be laid dry on a bed of sand.

If laid on a screed, a bonding primer must be brushed onto the underside of each paving immediately prior to laying.

* We only buy from organisations that are certified ISO 9001, producing only the best quality stone (Reg number RQ91/5177) available on request. Conforms to CE standards.

* We import directly and in bulk enabling us to sell at the lowest possible price. (No expensive middlemen)

Porcelain technical specifications

Delivery Charges:

Zone Postcodes Charge



DN1, DN2, DN3, DN4, DN5, DN6, DN7, DN8, DN9, DN10, DN11, DN12, DN15, DN16, DN17, DN21, DN22.

LN1, LN2.

NG14, NG19, NG20, NG21, NG22, NG23, NG24, NG25.

S2, S9, S12, S13, S20, S21, S25, S26, S43, S44, S60, S61, S62, S64, S65, S66, S80, S81.

WF8, WF9.

1 x 20 metre Patio Pack or more Free




DN14, DN20.

LN5, LN6, LN8

NG4, NG5, NG6, NG13, NG16, NG17, NG18, NG31, NG32.

S5, S7, S8, S14, S18, S41, S63, S72, S73.

WF4, WF10, WF11.

2 x 20 metre Patio Pack or more Free.

1 x 20 metre Patio Pack - £10 Charge



DE5, DE7, DE56, DE72, DE74, DE75

DN18, DN38, HU15

LE4, LE7; LE11, LE12, LE13, LE14, LE15.

LN3, LN7.

LS23, LS24, LS25, LS26.

NG1, NG2, NG3, NG7, NG8, NG9, NG10, NG11, NG12, NG15, NG33. PE9.

S1, S3, S4, S35, S71, S74, S75.

WF1, WF2, WF5, WF6, WF7

YO8, YO23, YO26.


3 x 20 metre Patio Packs or more Free





All other Postcodes Please Call

Please call (01777 817901) if your postcode is beyond this limit as free delivery may still be available.

Your goods will normally be delivered and offloaded by Hiab/crane, which can usually place the pallet where you need it, in a safe and suitable place. Please be aware of other suppliers terms and conditions when they offload with a tail lift and pump truck, as they cannot operate on gradients, slopes, up kerbs, or onto grass, gravel etc. This can often result in the customer having to pay a return delivery charge!

We guarantee your delivery will have hiab/crane offload.


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