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Metallica Quartzite Indian Sandstone Paving Sawn & Flamed

Product Code: FSNSP-001
Availability: In Stock
Price: £536.92 £349.00
Excl VAT : £290.83

Available Options:

Paving Slabs: Qty: Price:
Single Metre Price £60.77
Project Pack 10 Sqm*
Project Pack 20 Sqm* £992.31

   - OR -   

This top of the range quartzite natural stone paving has been diamond sawn then calibrated and flamed to leave an ultra modern paving with a contemporary surface that sparkles in the sunshine. Metallica is a premium grade paving and is the ultimate in stylish patios, leaving a refined and elegant backdrop to any garden. The edged are sawn smooth. Suitable inside or out. On display at our AC showsite.

10 Sq metre pack comprises: - 37 @ 600x450mm calibrated

20 sq metre pack comprises: -  74 @ 600x450mm calibrated

Reduced - 35% Off while stocks last. 10 sq metre project pack now only £349 including Vat. The lowest price in the UK - Guaranteed.

Free delivery available with Hiab offload up to 40mile radius See below

Delivery Charges:

Zone Postcodes Charge

Zone 1

DN1, DN2, DN3, DN4, DN5, DN6, DN7, DN8, DN9, DN10, DN11, DN12, DN15, DN16, DN17, DN21, DN22

LN1, LN2.

NG14, NG19, NG20, NG21, NG22, NG23, NG24, NG25.

S2, S9, S12, S13, S20, S21, S25, S26, S43, S44,S60, S61, S62, S64, S65, S66, S80, S81.

WF8, WF9.

1 X 10 metre Patio Pack or more Free

Zone 2


DN14, DN20.

LN5, LN6, LN8

NG4, NG5, NG6, NG13, NG16, NG17, NG18, NG31, NG32

S5, S7, S8, S14, S18, S41, S63, S72, S73.

WF4, WF10, WF11.

1 x 20 metre Patio Pack or more Free

1 x 10 metre Patio Pack - £10 Charge

Zone 3

DE5, DE7, DE56, DE72, DE74, DE75.

DN18, DN38.

LE12, LE13, LE14, LE15.

LS23, LS24, LS25, LS26.

NG1, NG2, NG3, NG7, NG8, NG9, NG10, NG11, NG12, NG15, NG33.  PE9

S1, S3, S4, S35, S71, S74, S75.

WF1, WF2, WF5, WF6, WF7.

YO8, YO23, YO26.

2 x 20 metre Patio Packs or more Free


Zone 4 All other postcodes Please call for a quote


Delivery is based on a 25 mile limit. Please call if your postcode is beyond this limit as free delivery may still be available on larger orders.

We can split packs if required.

Deliveries: Your goods will normally be delivered and offloaded by hiab/crane, which can usually place the pallet where you need it, in a safe and suitable place. Please be aware of other suppliers' delivery methods such as offloading with a tail lift and pump truck, as they cannot operate on gradients, slopes, up kerbs, or onto grass, gravel etc. This can often result in the customer paying a return delivery charge! We guarantee your delivery will have Hiab/crane offload.


         * We do try to get your stone in perfect condition, however, it is a natural product and sometimes 1 or 2  breakages do occur. If it is above this amount, then please return for exchange, within 10 days from delivery, and we will replace or refund the broken meterage.

  • We only buy from organisations that are certified ISO 9001, producing the best quality stone. Reg number RQ91/5177 available on request. Conforms to CE standards.
  • We import directly and in bulk, enabling us to sell at the lowest possible price. (No expensive middlemen)
  • All of our sandstone paving is sourced from members  of the ETI (ethical trading initiative) preventing child labour and unsuitable working practices. Reg number RS91/7465 available on request.
  • Sandstone importers since 2001

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